Ultra Skyrunning Madeira 2021

Ultra Skyrunning Madeira 2021

After last year’s interruption, Ultra Skyrunning Madeira was back to the trails this year with a great atmosphere among the athletes and all the supporters and spectators.

The main race, the Madeira Sky Race with 55km long and 4121m elevation gain, is part of Skyrunner World Series.

The Madeira Sky Race starts from Santana city and climbs to the highest peak of the island, Pico Ruivo, through very technical and steep trails, then goest down to the sea level before heading back to Santana city.

This year the winners of the main event were Martin Anthamatten from Team Adidas Terrex with the time of 6:11:23 and Mayi Errasti from Basque Mountaineering Federation with 7:16:13.

Martin Anthamatten - Ultra Skymarathon Madeira Mayi Errasti - Ultra Skymarathon Madeira

Both led the race from the first kilometers and managed to keep the lead till the finish line.

On the previous day, the Santana Vertical Kilometer which integrates VK Open Championship crowned the winners Vincent Loustau with 40:43 and Joana Soares with 46:35.

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