Trail Porto Moniz 2024

trail porto moniz

Trail Porto Moniz last weekend was an exciting race from the start to the finish line.

The favorite runners Luís Fernandes and Gediminas Grinius fought basically from the start line until the finish for the victory, but the local runner Luís Fernandes took the win on the last kms. Silviu-Marian Curuciuc was 3rd on the race.

On the women’s side, the local runner Maria João Abreu shared the win with Elena Vaseva, and Olga Sapach took the 3rd place.

The ultra distance race was 48km long and 3670m elevation gain, being part of the local circuit as well as the nacional ATRP circuit. It was also was a 50k UTMB World Series Qualifier giving 3 ITRA points to the finishers.

This year the weather was a windy and foggy at the top of the mountains, but the temperature was perfect for the race.

The top 3 for Men and Women for the 48km race:

1. Luís Fernandes – 5:48:53 1. Maria João Abreu – 7:33:35
2. Gediminas Grinius – 5:50:28 2. Elana Vaseva – 7:33:36
3. Silviu-Marian Curuciuc – 6:03:05 3. Olga Sapach – 7:42:31


The Trail Porto Moniz middle distance of 26km was won by the Salomon Team Manager and Salomon Golden Trail Series director Gregory Vollet flying down the dowhills to the win ahead of the local runners Alexandre Veríssimo and Bruno Silva.

On women side, Sara Rodrigues won the race ahead of Olívia Sousa and Sofia Vieira.

Lastly, the 12km short race of Trail Porto Moniz was won by Vítor Faria for men and by Sónia Quelhas for women.

This race is a great preparation for the MIUT race, since it shares some of the same trails and it takes place about 2 months before the race, the perfect timing to test the body and the performance of the training.

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