New Website

As some of you might notice, we published some days ago our new and refreshed website

It’s the same address, but almost everything is new and refreshed for a better navigation on our content.

After 4 years of running our tours, we clearly noticed that we needed to do something more than just a static page for our tours.

So, we left our old joomla framework and built this new one based on wordpress CMS framework.

Our main concern when planning was to provide you a better experience while exploring the website, speed up loading process, and give you better content with some new posts, new pictures, and everything more up to date.

It’s now easier to find our tours, and to select which one is better for you.

Website Content

For the Trail Running Tours, we have now the option to select one or more Daily Running Tours shared with other guests on fixed days for a lower price if you’re coming alone.

For the Private Running Tours, you have the same tours as in the Daily Running Tours, but here you don’t have to share with other guests. It’s just you and the guide.

We also have some special packs:

Madeira Island it’s not all about trail running… So we also added some great Walking Tours for the one who would love to see beautiful places but more calmly and also together with family.

Like the Running Tours, we also have the Daily Walking Tours and the Private Walking Tours. Of course we had to give you the same opportunity to have discount on the Multi-Day Walking Tours.

We have now our Blog section, where this post will go, and where you’ll have some news and interesting articles about the island and our madeira trail running activities.

We will have a page where you can book other partners activities and we’ll always post new pictures and videos.

Booking our activities it’s more comfortable, easier and safer with the SSL certificate.

And of course we had to build it responsive to mobile, as most of our visitors come this way.

Have a look and tell us what you think!

lockdown finished

Today 11th May, we are happy to announce that in Madeira the lockdown for outdoor activities is finished.

We are now free again to explore nature by every single madeira trail.

Of course we don’t have any tourists so far for the trail running tours and for the walking tours, but we’ll start going off to every single trail madeira can offer you in order to prepare our future tours.

It’s been almost 2 months almost no one walks or runs in the madeira trails, and of course some of them might be full of grown weeds.

In the next weeks we’ll try to cover all tracks we have on our tours and clean some weeds blocking the trail to prepare them for our guests in the future.

We’ll start running madeira highest trails up to the summit of the island, Pico Ruivo.

Then we’ll follow some levadas and trails in the forest, and to finish we’ll run by the stunning coastal trails.

It’s so good that we the lockdown is finished for madeira running enthusiasts, since everybody is tired of the same urban courses around their house.

Today on social media we started to see a big part of madeira trail running community posting pictures in the trails.

We can’t wait to host again the best running tours madeira can offer you.

So, don’t forget when you come to madeira running tours and walking tours is the best thing to do.

Madeira Trail Tours will be always ready to provide you an unforgettable experience!

See you soon!

We would like to present you one of our partners in Running Tours promotion around the world. They’re! was founded by Raoul Spronken and Noel Jaminon with the main goal to share with worldwide runners where they can find a Running Tour in their vacation.

Raoul is the “Public Relations” of the project, and it was him who convinced us to join the community.

Imagine yourself traveling for work to an European city and after you finish all your tasks, you find a great way to discover the city joining a running tour.

We did that a couple of years ago when in Amsterdam. We called Paul from Tourist Run Amsterdam, and he gave us a great experience running though the streets of this charming city.

In fact it’s a great idea to show runners all over the world where they can find guided running tours in more than 40 countries of the 5 continents!

You can find running tours for example, in United States of America, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, almost all European countries, and of course in the beautiful island of Madeira.

If you’re traveling to Madeira we can guide you through the easiest madeira trail or to the hardest madeira trail… You decide!

Have a look at our Running Tours and book which one you feel is the best for you.