One of my outdoor hobbies is Geocaching. But… what is this?

As some of you may know, Geocaching is something like a treasure hunting game in the real world.

The main goal of this activity is to hide some caches (a box or other container) in the best sightseeing spots, of to show some historical landmarks, or simply just have some fun outdoors.

Have a look at the official website.

One thing that i do sometimes is planning a training route with some geocaches in the way, and then just run that route and log them at the same time.

I know it’s not the best way of training but is the way i can do 2 different hobbies at the same time.

Here in Madeira Island, we have so many secret spots that in some places every corner is a different world. And some geocaches takes us to these stunning spots.

In some of our Walking Tours or Running Tours we have some caches along the route, and if we have time, you can log each one.

In the future if we have some people asking for geocaching, we might even think about having exclusive geocaching tours available.

When i travel to other countries, i always search for some geocaches but i would love to go on a specific geocaching tour. This way i would for sure book this experience.

So… maybe we’ll have some good news soon from Madeira Trail Tours.