It’s a fact that every year in the winter we have some snow in Madeira, specially in the highest peaks of the island. But this year it was not normal since in some areas we had almost 1 meter of snow.

We know that for some of you (northern europeans) it may be just another ordinary day when it snows. For us it’s like “an event”!

The first snowfall was still in late November 2020, not so normal for this month but the temperatures were low that time.

Then on the first week of January we had the biggest snowfall in the last years, since the snow in Madeira reached till 600m altitude.

In that week many local people went to the mountains to see and play with the snow, specially the families with children. The kids love to slide in the snow and throwing snowballs to each other.

But many people also take the chance to eat a meal or drink a “poncha” in the local restaurants in the mountains, like the Abrigo do Pastor or Abrigo do Poiso.

These mountains are also the playground of the best madeira running tours. Starting on Poiso, we have the Funchal Highlands Running Tour and Green Levada Running Tour. Up in Pico Areeiro we have The Peaks Quest Running Tour, and more to the west we have The Central Massif Running Tour.

Some runners of the madeira trail running community were also up there for a different type of running. Between the peaks, the most amazing trail madeira has to show, was impossible to run with all that snow.

Now the spring is coming, the travel restrictions are easing soon for some countries, and in the near future will be the time to come and enjoy the best running tours Madeira has to offer.

Madeira Trail Tours can help you with that!

Here you have some pictures and video!